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Keywords: torrent control - avalanche control - watershed management - hazard analysis - sediment transport - debris flow - avalanche - landslides - rock fall - risk - vulnerability - risk analysis - risk management - monitoring and warning sytems - rheology

Latest news

2nd Summer School Erasmus + KA2 "Natural Disasters"

May 21th - June 10th 2017 Ljubljana, Slovenia

University of Ljubljana (SI), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences from Vienna (A), University of Brescia (I) and the company Piktorama (SI) are organising the international interdisciplinary summer school in the framework of Erasmus+ 2015 project KA2-HE-14/15 entitled Environmental protection (in 2016) and Natural Disasters (in 2017). Open to PhD and MSc students, the summer school corresponds to 5 ECTSs.

In cooperation with 4th World Landslide Forum.



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Institute of Mountain Risk Engineering (IAN)

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