Aktuelle Ankündigungen von Konferenzen, Seminaren, Kursen etc....

DATUMNAME UND ORT DER VERANSTALTUNGEinreichfrist / Deadline for abstract submission   
30. Sept. 2014 IDC Cloud Innovation Forum 2014, Wien
9.-10. Okt. 201463. Geomechanik Kolloqium Salzburg
16.-17. Okt. 201416. Geoforum Umhausen Niederthal
21.-23. Okt. 2014Petroleum2014 2nd Int. Conference on Petroleum and Mineal Resources,  Kurdistan, Irak
17.-18. Nov. 20143rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction to be held from 14 to 18 March 2015 in Sendai City, Japan will be preceded by two Intergovernmental preparatory meetings (PrepComs):

· PrepCom1: 14-15 July 2014, Geneva, Switzerland
· PrepCom2: 17-18 November 2014, Geneva,Switzerland
24.-26. Nov. 2014IMCW2014 5th Int. Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World, Antalya, Türkei16. März 2014
25.-28. Nov. 2014Int. Symposium INTERPRAEVENT "Natural Disaster Mitigation to Establish Society with the Resilience", Nara, Japan31. Aug. 2013
16.-18. Dez. 2014Energy and Sustainability 2014 5th Int. Conference on Energy and Sustainability, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiaas soon as possible
18.-20. Dez. 2014ISTEC Int. Science, Technology and Engineering Conference, Doha, Qatar5. Dez. 2014
18.-20. Dez. 2014IDEC Int. Distance Education Conference, Doha, Qatar5. Dez. 2014
8.-10. Jän. 2015

20th Annual Graduate Education &

Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism

Tampa, Florida

14.-18. März 2015WCDRR 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
28. März – 2. April 2015IIBA2015 3rd International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Conference, 5 star Liberty of the Seas luxury cruise ships, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA
20.-22. April 2015

Multiphase Flow 2015 8th International Conference on Computational and Experimental Methods in Multiphase and Complex Flow, València, Spanien

17. Geoforum Umhausen Niederthal
5.-7. Mai 2015

CMEM 201517th International Conference on Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, Opatija, Croatia

6.-8. Mai 2015SAFE2015 6th International Conference on Safety and Security Engineering, Opatija, Croatia
12.-14. Mai 2015

International Conference on Complex Systems in Business, Administration, Science and Engineering

19.-21. Mai 2015Sustainable Development and Planning 2015
7th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning, Istanbul, Turkey
20.-22. Mai 2015

Disaster Management 2015 4th International Conference on Disaster Management and Human Health: Reducing Risk, Improving Outcomes,Istanbul, Turkey

1.-3. Juni 2015Air Pollution 2015  23rd Int. Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution, València, Spain
2.-4. Juni 2015Urban Transport 2015 21st International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment, València, Spain
3.-5. Juni 2015ECOSUD 2015 10th Int. Conference on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development, València, Spain
15.-17. Juni 2015

Water Resources Management 20158th International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management, A Coruña, Spanien

as soon as possible
17.-19. Juni 2015River Basin Management 2015 8th International Conference on River Basin Management including all aspects of Hydrology, Ecology, Environmental Management, Flood Plains and Wetlands, A Coruña, Spain
22.-25. Juni 2015DFHM6 6th Int. Conference of Debris‑Flow Hazard Mitigation:
"Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment",  Tsukuba, Japan
1. März 2014
29. Juni-1. Juli 2015ERES 2015 10th Int. Conference on Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures, Opatija, Croatia
1.-3. Juli 2015Ravage of the Planet IV4th International Conference on Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and Ecological Hazards, Opatija, Croatia
7.-9. Juli 2015Coastal Cities 2015 Int. Conference on Coastal Cities and their Sustainable Future, New Forest, UK
15.-17. Juli 2015Water and Society 2015 3rd International Conference on Water and Society A Coruña, Spain
21.-23. Sept. 2015

BEM/MRM 38 38th Int. Conference on Boundary Elements and Other Mesh Reduction Methods, New Forest, UK

2.-4. Sept. 2015Energy and Sustainability 2015 6th Int. Conference on Energy and Sustainability, Medellin, Colombia
15.-16. Okt. 201517. Geoforum Umhausen Niederthal
30. Mai - 2. Juni 201613th Congress INTERPRAEVENT "Leben mit Naturrisiken", Lucerne, Schweiz
20.-21. Okt. 201618. Geoforum Umhausen Niederthal
19.-20. Okt. 201719. Geoforum Umhausen Niederthal
17.-19. Okt. 201820. Geoforum Umhausen Niederthal